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Our Academics


Students will receive standards-based instruction in Bible, Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Curriculum offered will exceed state requirements and prepare students for advanced learning in middle school and high school. Biblical truth will be the foundation for everything we do at Spirit Life Academy.

Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies will be taught using the Abeka program. This curriculum focuses on Christian values. Children will learn about the biblical truth of God’s Word and how to apply it to their own lives. Abeka encourages students to choose prayer and memorize Scripture, helping them to grow in their faith. It is a comprehensive program, meaning that material taught in one subject is reinforced in other subjects as well, helping learners build a strong foundation for a lifetime of successful learning.

Positive Action for Christ will be used to teach Bible class. Students will learn how God reveals Himself through His word. They will come to know more about God and view Scripture as the story of God’s glory. They will learn how God uses imperfect men and women to reflect His glory and hear about the perfection and sacrifice of Christ. They will come to understand that when we sin, we betray Christ’s love; and when we reflect His holiness, we abide in Him. Students will learn the writing process through Write Bright. This program breaks down the overwhelming process of writing into manageable parts. Students will learn to write narrative, persuasive, and explanatory stories.


Spirit Life Academy will begin seeking initial joint accreditation through Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI) and Cognia in Fall 2023. This process will take approximately 3 years to complete.

ASCI is a highly regarded Christian program with partnerships with all the U.S. regional accreditation agencies including Cognia. Accreditation from Cognia is a mark of distinction recognized around the world. Students graduating from accredited Christian schools qualify for admission to most colleges and universities, and credits transfer between schools nationally and internationally.

Our goal is to have our average student reading above their grade level.  But to accomplish this, we will need parental involvement to work with their children in daily reading.  Children can be taught a love of reading, and the biggest component of that is in their

family culture 


We will work to teach handwriting in both print and cursive.  Typing is a great skill to have, but that is not a replacement for the ability to write.


Our goal is to train and educate our students to think mathematically.  This cannot be achieved by using "Common Core".  We will be using a special program and curriculum to help make learning math effective and fun.  


We will teach our students how to apply the Scientific Method to their thinking.  We want to train them to be problem solvers and use their creativity to find solutions while everyone else

follows tradition. 


Our God made a big world!  We want to teach our students about the world but more importantly teach them the culture and times that the Bible was written in.  This will help them better understand God's word and how to apply it to

their lives. 

Physical Education

We understand that a healthy body is crucial to a healthy mind.  PE and recess for physical activity is an absolute must when educating young children.  Often times they are not Hyperactive, they just need to

be active. 

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